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Classic & XXL Scrunchie Golden Leaves

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All scrunchies are available in classic size or XXL design.

Believe in yourself, live your life with all your courage and dream big. In this spirit, we have created our XXL Scrunchies They are not only particularly gentle on your hair, but also remind you every day of your own personal goals in life, which might be a challenge to achieve.

The XXL scrunchies are made from three times the length of a normal scrunchie and thus appear particularly voluminous. This makes them a real eye-catcher in all batik prints and colors, whether in cotton or satin.

XXL Scrunchie Golden Leaves in dark blue linen with lighter petals

  • 70% Cotton 30% Linen
  • Handmade in Munich

Size XXL

  • Diameter approx. 17 cm
  • Length of the fabric 200 cm, which makes the XXL scrunchies appear very full and voluminous, 3x the length of a normal scrunchie.
  • can be wrapped 2-3 times around the hair
  • extra elastic

Size classic

  • Diameter approx. 11 cm
  • Fabric length approx. 65 cm
  • extra elastic

How to take care

  • handwash only

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