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Sarong Denpasar

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Sarong Denpasar by DUNIA Dirndl made of 100% high quality, strong cotton with velvety touch (original Indonesian batik)

Colors:black, beige, red
Measurements: ca. 225cm. x. 105cm

In Sumatra and Java, sarongs are mainly used by men to cover their legs for daily prayers. Women are usually seen carrying their babies and toddlers in them similar to a sling or cradling their children to sleep in them like a hammock. (However, the sarongs do not constitute a certified sling).

Depending on the wrapping technique, it can cover different parts of the body due to its generous dimensions, whether as a dress or a mini to maxi skirt. In particular, the sarong is also used as a bath and beach towel in Western countries. Due to its compactness, it is easy to take with you and is the perfect companion on any trip - whether to the lake, a day at the seaside or hiking in the mountains.

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