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Would you like a custom-made product or do you have an idea for a specific product with DUNIA fabrics? We have already fulfilled many individual customer wishes and are especially looking forward to the realization of custom-made products - from the individual consultation regarding the products, Indonesian fabrics, patterns and colors to the day when you hold your finished product in your hands. These days this can also mostly be done online.

Customised designs that we have already completed:

  • Dirndls, traditional Bavarian skirts and men's waistcoats with Indonesian batik
  • Fashion: skirts, blouses, kimonos, jackets, scarves with individual fabrics
  • Kids: Vests, kimonos and dresses
  • Interior: cushions, tablecloths and curtains
  • Gifts: DUNIA hearts as guest favours at weddings, small bags etc.

We look forward to your enquiry and ideas!

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